Holy Saturday – Reflections

Jane Henderson – will be helping us reflect on how God wants us and his church to respond to him
Tim Rourke – will be helping us to think about forgiveness & our individual identity as
disabled people
Liz Carter – will be leading us in prayers from her book ‘Catching Contentment’

Introduction & Welcome

Process for today

We have recorded a set of videos and reflective exercises to help you reflect on your experiences of disability and long term conditions with God. We hope you find it valuable and will leave them here for you to come back to.

To take part in all the sessions you will need a few things from around the house.

Session 1 : You will need a traffic light – either a picture of one – or a drawing of a Red, Yellow and green spot. You will also need pens and felt tips

Session 2 : You will need to have some paper and pens – the paper should be no larger than A5. you may like to use felt tips.

Session 3 : You will need paper and a pen to write down your thoughts and also a flower

Why ‘Holy Saturday’

Holy Saturday is a strange day in the churches calendar – It is the day after we remember the pain and agony on the cross and it is the day before we remember Jesus rising from the tomb.

As such it has a sense of the ‘now, but not yet’ about it. And for many people who live with disability in their lives that is also a part of our experience. We live in the pain and struggle with our disabled bodies, but we also live in the hope and expectation of meeting with Jesus’ glory in and through those struggles

In this time of Covid-19 where many others are now experiencing this – we hope this can be a resource to help in times of trial.

A quick video to sum up today

Summary Video – Slides with Music in the Background

We adore you O Christ and we bless you,
because by your holy cross you have redeemed the world.

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