Heather Vale Christmas Service


Hi, my name is Sharon Burrows and my father has been at Heather Vale for over a year now. Up until he moved in he was used to being involved in church every Sunday. We thought it would be nice this year to work with Sarah and the team at Heather Vale to help put on a Christmas Carol Service.

Hi my name is Tim Rourke and I am a minister in the Church of England. My mum has recently moved into Heather Vale as a resident. With Sharon we have offered to produce a Christmas service for the residents and families.

Sharon and I help to run a community that supports disabled adults, children and their carers and families. This community is called Holding Space, and this is our website. We will be using this section of the website to make the resources for the Christmas Service at Heather Vale available to everyone.

Christmas Service

Recording Readings

If you would like to make a video recording of one of the readings so that your family member can see you taking part then please contact Sharon on s.burrows37@gmail.com

When you have made the recording you can send it to me on 07853 167061 or tim.rourke@derby.anglican.org (Preferably by email) and I will edit them together to make a service with readings and carols.

I will then publish the final recording back on this website, so that we, at home, can watch at the same time as our family members if we would like to.

Service Plan

We will be putting up an order of service here, so that people can join in the carols and the readings at home.

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