Social Model of Disability – An Illustration

Cars – (Not the Pixar Version)!

We are all different cars.

You cannot choose your car. Some are stronger than some and weaker than others…  Each car is individual – All cars are great!

Toy Cars and Motor Bikes in three rows
A group of toy vehicles – Photo by Maksym Kaharlyt

The Destination

Today we will travel – from A to B, or C, or D (Who knows)

We will travel on different roads, seeing different things, experience different experiences.

This evening we will be able to share our stories.

A black Sat-Nav on the dashboard of a car
A Sat-Nav – Photo by Alvaro Reyes

We all have a Sat-Nav, but they have been programmed by someone else.  You don’t know your route, but you are going to follow it faithfully.

The Journeys

A photo of an empty motorway

Some cars will travel on motorways – Only stopping to get their engines upgraded, their bodywork polished or their fuel tanks refilled.

A Photo of a mountain road with a drop on the left

Others will head off on side roads, with potholes & tree trunks & muddy puddles and drops off to the side.

A photo of a vintage car on a path in a field

Others are sent off-road, crossing fields and fording streams – Difficult going with moments of pure inspiration.

A road closed and a diversion sign

Sometimes cars on the motorways or side roads get diverted off their normal roads for a time or for the rest of the Journey.

Reflecting Back!

A beautiful reflection of a mountain in a side mirror of a car
Looking Back – Photo by Will Tarpey

When evening comes the drivers compare notes for the day.

The motorway drivers celebrate their victory and complain about the others who never get to the end on time!

The people on the side road lament that they don’t have the resources of the first group, and that their cars get more easily damaged.

The drivers who spent the day going off-road keep on moving, when they can, where they can.  Wondering when they might find a section of road that might help them in the right way.

The Right Question

This story is about a journey – Not a race

It is about sharing experiences and listening to one another’s journeys.

It is also about asking the right question

Not – ‘What is wrong with your car?’

But – ‘Who plans and builds the roads?’,

And – ‘Who said it was a race!?’

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