Phase 2: “Creating A Life You Love” Adult Program





Once you have finished 6 Weeks to Self-care, you will have a solid foundation from which to begin the creation of a life you love.

In Phase 2 we will dig deep to identify triggers, blocks, fears, and everything that has been holding you back from living your life on purpose, with a purpose. Once we have identified and dismantled your road blocks, we will teach all the tools for manifesting your life’s truest desires.

Phase 2 gets more personal and pushes you outside your comfort zone, so using the grounding and self-care tools you learned in Phase 1 is paramount to your success in Phase 2.

Rewrite Your Story

Find Us

The Yoga Shala, 3013 Edgewater Dr, Orlando, FL 32804

The next 6-week closed session adult experience begins Wednesday, September 13th, from 7-9 p.m.

Holding Space for the Teen Girl group begins Monday, September 11th, from 3:15-5 p.m.

Hosted by:
Sarabeth Jackson & Katie Kovaleski

Contact us:
(321) 354-6863