Phase 1: “Six-Weeks To Self-Care” Adult Program

Six Weeks to Self-Care:

You are never too old or too young to reshape and recreate your reality. Feeling like the story of your life needs a plot twist in a better direction? We can help.  

Holding Space is a 6-week yoga and life coaching experience, designed to help people of all ages who feel like they need inspiration and a new outlook on their lives’ daily circumstances. Each week we meet for two hours, for an hour of life coaching and discussion, and an hour of yoga and meditation. We call this process “rewriting your story.” Are you interested in learning how to love and honor yourself at your deepest core? Facing some tough times and considering alternative methods of therapy? This program is for you, designed to help you create your greatest version of you. 

Phase 1, “Six Weeks to Self-Care” focuses on getting grounded and meeting yourself where you are with love and full acceptance. We believe the foundation for an internal shift is self care, and that is exactly what we live and teach.

The Specifics
  • Closed-group, six week program, meets every Thursday for two hours
  • 60 minutes of life coaching, 60 minutes of all-levels yoga & guided meditation each week
  • Optional 30-minute post session “Clarity Talks”
  • Will include a personalized gift basket or “toolbox” including a journal, essential oils, teas, and other holistic self-care tools to help inspire an internal shift 
  • Weekly yoga videos and meditations for clients
  • Full time availability for Q & A on a private Facebook page (or other platform of group involvement for those without Facebook)
  • Amazing in between session tools to practice and ongoing support within a group of like-minded people 
The Topics

Week 1: Meditation & Mantras – how to control your mind so it doesn’t control YOU.

Week 2: The power of the written word – how to use journaling to focus your mind and heal your spirit. 

Week 3: The ego vs. intuition and practices for earthing/grounding. 

Week 4: Onward & upward – Tools for pulling your mood and vibration up quickly!

Week 5: Nutrition, digestion & doshas – how what we eat influences our moods. 

Week 6: Voice dialoguing, how self-talk can help you overcome triggers. 

 Welcome To Your New Normal.

When: Every Wednesday for six weeks, beginning July 11th – August 15th

Where: The Yoga Shala, 3013 Edgewater Dr, Orlando, FL 32804

Availability: We have 10 open spots and are currently taking RSVP’s, please reserve yours now using our contact form or the “buy now” button below

Cost: $279 one time fee 

Bestie Discount: Sign up with a friend and both of you will receive 10% off

****We have a 7 day partial refund policy, if you aren’t happy with the initial class you may receive a refund for the remaining 5 classes less taxes, fees and the cost of the first class

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Rewrite Your Story

Find Us

The Yoga Shala, 3013 Edgewater Dr, Orlando, FL 32804

The next 6-week closed session adult experience begins Wednesday, June 11th, from 7:15-9:15 p.m.

Hosted by:
Sarabeth Jackson & Katie Kovaleski

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(321) 354-6863