Our Purpose


The purpose of the holding space program is about teaching the art of presence by shifting our decision making process from fear to love. When we start really loving ourselves and knowing our self-worth, we can be fully present in the moment and make choices based on what we truly desire–because we know we are worth it. 

So what exactly does that mean? So often I see, and have been guilty of, living in the past or the future. I had no idea that always thinking ahead, problem solving issues that weren’t actually happening and running through worst case scenarios was really just anxiety. That’s literally what it is and that way of living can be incredibly stressful.

Shift Your Perspective.

In order to change that default way of behaving, it’s important to understand that your only point of power is right here, right now. Being totally aware and present in this moment and only focusing on what’s happening right here, using all of your senses, curtails worrying about anything else.

Have you ever gotten lost in an experience? So engrossed and focused that minutes felt like hours and just slipped away? That’s what being present is, that’s why those moments feel so good and it’s a place that you can live in all of the time.

From an evolutionary standpoint, we were made to fight or flight. At this point in time, for most of us, our basic needs have been met. We are not in a physical battle for survival everyday, fighting off predators, hunting for food etc. but that drive still exists and we have a tendency to use that instinct to battle nonexistent issues and then they turn into problems.

Reframe Your Story.

Our minds are amazing and they are built to trust our thoughts. Our minds believe that if we are focusing on something, it must be really important to us. That it must be what we want, it must be what serves our higher good and what is in our best interest or why else would we be focusing on it?  

So our mind begins filtering things, a screen goes up and we start looking for people, places, things, and situations that most closely resemble what we think about most—-even if it’s not what we really want!!

That’s exactly how we find ourselves in repetitious cycles of people, places, things and circumstances that don’t serve us and are the opposite of what we truly desire.

When you focus on something for 17 seconds, you start creating other thoughts of the same nature, within 57 seconds, you have formed a new belief system. This is an incredible power and once you are aware of it, you can begin shifting it into a positive direction. You are literally writing the story of your life and everything in it, even if you’ve never realized it.

Change Your Life.

Holding Space is about slowing down time, taking a step back from what’s happening around you and shifting into a positive belief system.

The key to changing false belief systems- ones that don’t feel good- and creating a life full of what you actually want, is to use that power for good! This program will give you real time tools to learn how to do just that. It starts with moving from your thinking, conscious mind, to living in your intuitive, feeling body. It’s about learning how to trust your intuition, love yourself, get present, stay present and from that place call into existence and focus on what you want in your life and how you want to feel.

The 6-week program is built to start with self care and self love, to build a trust in your intuitive body and builds slowly up to becoming a manifesting mama. You will learn how to easily shift back into the present moment no matter what other circumstances may be occurring in other areas of your life and will be able to focus on what you DO Want with ease.

Breakdown of the 6-week Self-Care program:

Each session will consist of 60-minutes of life coaching on the topic of the week, followed by 60-minutes of an all levels yoga flow & meditation, designed specifically to complement the topic of the week. 

Week 1: Meditation, Mantras & Essential Oils 

Week 2: Nutrition & Digestion

Week 3: Journaling & Breath Work

Week 4: Earthing & Grounding 

Week 5: Manifesting Your Desires

Week 6: Review, Celebrate & Maintain 

Namaste, Storytellers.