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August 31, 2018 Blog

Six Weeks to Self-Care starts this Thursday. Let’s grow together.      Book your spot here!

“Not Aiming For Perfect” – What it’s really like to be a healer

May 22, 2018 Blog

Things always look so different from the outside… I was struck by something recently. A client during a retreat mentioned, as we were sitting down for dinner, that she imagined that we must live lives that looked like this every night. The candles and ambiance and peace that inevitably comes with a day of r&r seemed to match the vision she had for the private lives we lead. Not more than a week later I had an ego moment thatRead More

ONE STEP AT A TIME- HEALTHY HABITS SERIES, TIP #4 Create healthy sleep habits

May 19, 2018 Blog

Tip # 4 in the “One Step At A Time” series is… all about SLEEP! Sleep is one of our favorite healing modalities, nothing can replace it and it’s nature’s way of healing and repairing our minds, bodies, and spirits. If you’re feeling out of balance one of the first questions we encourage you to ask yourself is “how am I sleeping?” If the answer is not great and that’s more often the norm for you than not, then thisRead More


May 19, 2018 Blog

How to manage STRESS. This comes at a perfect time because April is stress awareness month! Here are our top tips for quickly reducing your stress levels: Deep breathing exercising can take the pressure of stress away fast. Sit or lie in a comfortable position, close your eyes, imagine yourself relaxing at your favorite place, then take slow deep breaths, in and out for 5 minutes. Controlling your breath is a great way to calm your nervous system and instantlyRead More

How Mindful is YOUR Workplace?

April 23, 2018 Blog

How mindful is your workplace? “Encouraging employees to tend to their own health and wellbeing produces a number of benefits, including reduced absenteeism and staff turnover, reduced healthcare costs, happier employees, and greater productivity overall” (Huffington Post, 2017). April is stress awareness month and it’s a great time to consider how employing self-care and mindfulness in the workplace effects employee satisfaction AND a company’s bottom-line. Happier employees = more productive workplace. Studies continually show that investing in the well being ofRead More

One Step At A Time- Healthy Habits Series, Tip #2 HEALTHY EATING

April 12, 2018 Blog

Tip # 2 in the “One Step At A Time” series is…Creating healthy eating habits. How To Get Started: Write it down and plan it out: Keeping a journal and writing everything down will help you uncover your eating habits. This is a good way to note how you’re feeling, are you reaching for food and eating because you’re bored or stressed or because you’re actually hungry?   Try the hunger>boredom test: Next time you are reaching for food askRead More

One Step At A Time- Healthy Habits Series, Tip #1 EXERCISE

April 11, 2018 Blog

Each week for the next 5 weeks we will be expanding on each of the 5 lifestyle tips to make your day a little healthier, one step at a time. The first lifestyle tip is to increase your physical activity or change up your routine. A mix of workouts ranging from more mellow options like a yin yoga class, combined with more rigorous activity like high intensity interval training, will give you body a great mix to keep you balanced,Read More

Truth and Reconciliation

April 10, 2018 Blog

At a Radical Healing workshop with Kerri Kelly this weekend, Kerri invited us to introduce ourselves by including the pronoun with which we prefer to be addressed. It wasn’t until one of the very last introductions that someone proudly said, “she, her, hers, and WE,” because she believed in no separations. From every single person in the room came some sort of emotional response; a “yaasss” or a nodding of the head, maybe a gentle hand clapping or just aRead More

Morning Ritual Series – # 1: Adding Meditation to Your Day

April 5, 2018 Blog

Happy Thursday, storytellers! Today’s focus at Holding Space is all about the morning ritual – for the next month we will be introducing our favorite self-care tools that we use to create our morning rituals, our first tool is meditation ⭐️ Morning rituals are the key to cementing lasting changes so we aren’t only reaching for self-care tools in triage moments but are using them to help ourselves shift from a default system of intervention into one of prevention. InterestedRead More

Top 5 Tips for a Healthier Lifestyle

April 3, 2018 Blog

5 Tips for Living a Healthier Lifestyle – One Step At A Time Health and wellness is such an important part of life but the amount of information on the subject can prove to be overwhelming. We have narrowed down 5 quick & easy tips to help make your day a little healthier, one step at a time.  Each week for the next 5 weeks we will be expanding on each of the 5 tips, giving you weekly challenges andRead More

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