New Moon Intentions

July 23, 2017 Blog

Happy Sunday, storytellers! There is a new moon in Leo today and that means it’s time to set our intentions. @mysticmamma says it best: “Planetary aspects have been heating our alchemical cauldrons, and the heat we are feeling, although uncomfortable, is bringing to the surface toxic patterns needed to be purified and transmuted for the magic to occur.” “Leo stokes the flames of our potential and gestures the free and total expression of our Being to shine forth like theRead More

Holding Space For The Teen Girl

July 11, 2017 Blog

Yesterday afternoon marked the end of our first teen girl’s group for Holding Space. When we set out to start this program, we knew it had the potential to really help young girls learn to shift from a perspective of fear to love and from shame to respect. After watching these girls grow in just 4 weeks, we know this program has the power to really impact the self-worth as young women. What we didn’t know was how much we tooRead More

Word Of The Week: #Freedom

July 11, 2017 Blog

Happy Friday (7/6/2017), storytellers ✨ The full moon is approaching and will be completely full this Sunday, who can feel the shift in the atmosphere? This moon is all about taking emotional risks, being firm with your boundaries and being willing to move past old beliefs of inadequacy. “Work with the Sun as an ally and be inspired by some risk you have taken. When you take a risk you give up your comfort zone and there may be fear involved.Read More

Word Of The Week: #Receive

June 22, 2017 Blog

“Ask and you shall receive.” Spend some time today asking yourself what you truly want and desire from a place in your mind of self-love, where all things are possible. When you are truly ready to admit what it is that you want, out loud, without the worry of humiliation, shame or feeling unworthy, you will begin to receive it. After all, everything is temporary, even this life, so what are we really afraid of? We are all having aRead More

Are You Ready To Stop These Statistics?

June 22, 2017 Blog

Word Of The Week: #Surrender

June 14, 2017 Blog

Our word of the week is surrender; the ability to let go of our own resistance, even in the face of fear. It takes true courage to open our hearts when it feels like the world is about to pile chaos onto our shoulders. But it is only with an open heart than we can receive the lessons chaos inevitably brings. Choose courage and an open heart, storytellers, it is the best vantage point from which to rewrite your story.

Happy World Ocean Day!

June 8, 2017 Blog

Featured Pose: Virabhadrasana 3, Warrior 3

June 6, 2017 Blog

Happy Friday, Storytellers! Do something you love! For us that means getting outside and planting our feet on the earth! 🌱Our featured pose for the weekend is Virabhadrasana 3, or Warrior 3.  Warrior 3 is an amazing posture to help with cultivating balance and focus, opening the heart, creating confidence, and strengthening the legs, core, and arms.  Begin in Mountain Pose with your hands at heart’s center. Prepare by grounding down through the left foot (putting a micro-bend in the kneeRead More

It’s Never Too Late…

June 3, 2017 Blog

If you find yourself tired of the cycles you feel stuck in, it’s never too late to start writing your next chapter, storytellers.

Everything Happens FOR Us, Not TO Us

May 22, 2017 Blog

Do you ever find yourself in the midst of something chaotic & unexpected and think “I didn’t do anything to deserve this?” What if I told you that you actually did do something to deserve it? What if I told you we actually live in a friendly universe, one that is looking out for you and is intended to help you grow, learn and feel good? And that sometimes, when we have become a bit stagnant or have tuned outRead More

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