New Moon Intentions

July 23, 2017 Blog

Happy Sunday, storytellers! There is a new moon in Leo today and that means it’s time to set our intentions.

@mysticmamma says it best: “Planetary aspects have been heating our alchemical cauldrons, and the heat we are feeling, although uncomfortable, is bringing to the surface toxic patterns needed to be purified and transmuted for the magic to occur.”

“Leo stokes the flames of our potential and gestures the free and total expression of our Being to shine forth like the Sun. Courage to be our true selves, to find the strength in our vulnerabilities, our truth, and our rawness and to live from the inside out.”

“Big stuff is up in Love and money situations with a need to see the shadow clearly and own our piece in perpetuating the wounded patterns in our lives (i.e. woundships!). Our willingness to dive into the depths, face shadows, retrieve lost aspects of ourselves and release/let go of what is no longer valid or perhaps was not even ours to begin with is key…”

“There is a strong karmic energy to this lunar cycle- with a focus on where we keep on getting stuck, keep on starting over only to get stuck again, where we keep tripping on our own karma. The thing about this kind of karma is we have to take full responsibility and accountability for our part in creating it in order to be freed from it. Escapism, blaming, complaining will not change things!”

This is a great time to remember that YOU are in charge of and are accountable for your life. If there is a specific circumstance that you can not change, you always have the capability to shift the way you perceive and respond to it.

This process begins by first acknowledging what it is that you do want and need in your life. From that place you can use your voice to speak your truth and live from a place of honesty and integrity, a place that is in alignment with what your truly desire.

If you are tired of the cycles you find yourself in and are ready to make a shift, give our new moon ceremony a try. We recommend starting with a short, grounding meditation and then begin writing your intention list. Use a pen and paper and begin each statement with “I am.” Write down as many as you wish and then fold up the papers and place them in your journal or memory box or another safe space. Give yourself a few moments of meditation once you are finished to let those seeds of manifestation really settle in.

Write it and so it shall be, storytellers. Happy manifesting!

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