Featured Pose: Virabhadrasana 3, Warrior 3

June 6, 2017 Blog

Happy Friday, Storytellers! Do something you love! For us that means getting outside and planting our feet on the earth! 🌱Our featured pose for the weekend is Virabhadrasana 3, or Warrior 3. 

Warrior 3 is an amazing posture to help with cultivating balance and focus, opening the heart, creating confidence, and strengthening the legs, core, and arms. 

Begin in Mountain Pose with your hands at heart’s center. Prepare by grounding down through the left foot (putting a micro-bend in the knee will really help with grounding and support), and slowly flexing the right foot while you lift it off the earth. Send the right foot behind you as you gently hinge at the hips. Make sure you set your gaze forward, past the top of your mat. Remember, especially in balancing postures, don’t look back! We’re not going that way! ☺️➡️

Keep the hips square and dial the right toes toward the earth, internally rotating the right leg by spiraling the inner thigh inward.

Keep your shoulders higher than your hips and lift the sternum, shining your heart forward. Once you feel confident in your posture, open up the arms and fly! For an added challenge, send the arms forward and really engage the back body! Take 5 deep breaths and switch sides.

Happy balancing!

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