Everything Happens FOR Us, Not TO Us

May 22, 2017 Blog

Do you ever find yourself in the midst of something chaotic & unexpected and think “I didn’t do anything to deserve this?”

What if I told you that you actually did do something to deserve it?

What if I told you we actually live in a friendly universe, one that is looking out for you and is intended to help you grow, learn and feel good?

And that sometimes, when we have become a bit stagnant or have tuned out our intuition, the universe starts lighting fires in our lives so we start paying attention?

It starts burning off everything that doesn’t actually serve us because we actually do deserve so much more.

You have earned and deserve a life of abundance and sometimes the world has to step in a push you through a growing edge (which can be painful) to get you to an even better place.

The key here is figuring out what YOU believe about the world and why we are here.

At holding space we believe that everything happens FOR us and not TO us. This belief allows us to shift from a victim hood perspective into one of being a compassionate observer.

If you’re feeling like the universe owes you a break, the best thing you can do is offer yourself one first. You are exactly where you are meant to be in this moment, everything is happening for you and not to you, and the universe was created to help, heal and nurture you. Take a deep breath, a step back and allow that to happen.

Namaste, Storytellers. ⭐️

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