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March 8, 2017 Blog


It began with a pitbull & a pond…(In the words of Katie)

Meeting Sarabeth reminded me that intuition always reigns supreme. I knew shortly after meeting her that our lives would be intertwined in some significant way. She was dating a close friend of mine at the time and when their time together ended, she and I parted ways for a number of years as well. Little did I know that we were both making our way down similar paths and that those paths would lead us right back into each other’s lives.

I forgot how to breathe & Sarabeth gave me CPR…

Sounds like the makings of a great, crazy story, right? The CPR wasn’t in the literal sense but covers the general idea of what happened. I, the life coach, the fixer, had gotten to a point in my own life where I had given everything I had to everyone else but myself. I loved me last and that lack began to really take a toll to the point where my body started to rebel. I was having panic attacks and developed claustrophobia which was a hardcore physical response to all of the things in my life I had been saying “yes” to when I really meant “NO!!!!” I knew things needed to change so I took some time off from my normal life and really dedicated my time to figuring out how to take care of myself.

Part of that figuring out phase led me to trying yoga and practicing self-care for the first time. I didn’t feel comfortable going to a class at that point and wondered if it would be possible for someone to come teach me at home. I knew Sarabeth practiced frequently so I reached out to her to see if she knew someone who could help. As it turns out she had JUST finished her teacher training and said she would love to do it.

So began our journey…

At first it was an arduous process, taking time to practice self-care was a new concept to me. My ego would tirelessly rebel against it, finding every excuse not to take 10-minutes in the morning to give myself a little TLC or attend a yoga class before starting the rest of my day. But I quickly began to notice the ill effects of taking a few days off from those morning rituals and the feeling was not pleasant. So I made a commitment each morning to practice self-care, even if it looked a little different each day. It was a struggle at the beginning but eventually days turned into weeks and weeks into months and I never looked back.

As I started choosing to make time for myself each day, I also started making other choices that served me too. It started with basic action and it ended with pivotal changes in my entire thought process. I learned how to be present, not just when practicing self-care but all of the time. The best part?  Knowing that if my mind did wander to the past or future (which is what defines worry and anxiety) I knew exactly how to bring it right back.

You are the creator of your own story, of your own universe, you can rewrite your story at any time, I know this first hand because I’ve rewritten mine. I am honored and excited to be able to share these tools and this path with all those who are ready to take that first step.

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