“I really don’t know where I would be if I didn’t have the support and inspiration Holding Space provided me with; I am who I am today because of it.”

- Savannah Grissinger, 2018 Holding Space Graduate

We're all storytellers--masters of our own experiences. Feeling like the story of your life needs a plot twist in a better direction? We can help you reframe.

Holding Space is an Orlando non-profit, dedicated to providing accessible and affordable life coaching and yoga to underserved populations. Through various 6-week programs and workshops with flexible or donation-based payment options, Holding Space provides a safe space for both adults and teens to become empowered in themselves, make self-care a priority, and learn how to build a fully loved life by responding to life’s circumstances in a healthy manner.

With a carefully planned curriculum that provides real-time tools for living in the present moment, yoga classes of varying styles to complement weekly coaching lessons, tangible supplies to encourage self-care, and a community of like-minded people, Holding Space offers the knowledge and practice needed to begin healing and creating a new reality without judgment or expectation, with only love and acceptance.

What Does It Mean To Hold Space?

“It means that we are willing to walk alongside ourselves in whatever journey we are on, without judging ourselves, making ourselves feel inadequate, trying to fix ourselves, or trying to impact the outcome. When we hold space for ourselves, we live from an open heart, offer ourselves unconditional support and let go of judgement and control. We are able to live in the sacred space of allowance and acceptance.”

 It’s Time To Rewrite Your Story.

Are you…

Feeling stuck or uninspired in your day-to-day life?


In need of support during a transitional period?

Constantly preoccupied with the past or future?

Experiencing frequent bouts of uncertainty or self-doubt?

Putting yourself and your needs last?

Looking for a natural, holistic way to help relieve anxiety or depression?

Thinking of starting therapy but don’t know where to begin?

Simply looking for a way to deepen your yoga and spiritual practice?

Let us help.